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Who needs a financial advisor anyway?

Written by: Core Financial Group

When we are introduced to new clients we often hear at the end of our initial consultation “I wish I would have started working with you sooner”.  While we appreciate the compliment, it begs the question: Why don’t people actively seek financial advice before the worry, frustration, or confusion around financial planning sets in? 

Everyone’s journey to getting their arms around their financial future is different, but we have a few thoughts.  We feel the initial barrier is that discussions around saving for your future, budgeting, and deciding on what to invest in can be intimidating and the thought of meeting with someone can feel overwhelming.  While all this can be true, connecting with a professional who helps with these things can make this process easier.  We often tell our clients ‘Don’t worry in private, come worry with us’.  There is a good chance that what you are going through we have either gone through ourselves or have had other clients go through a similar situation. We are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to put a plan in place to address these worries and concerns.

Investing carries a certain degree of risk, and that thought alone can prevent people from putting money away for their future self. What some people don’t understand is that there are countless ways to invest, ways that take on less risk or ways that take on more risk. Having a trusted advisor who will talk through your current plans and future goals and who will continuously work with you as life changes, increases the likelihood that you will meet your own personal financial goals. There is no substitute for consistency and diversification and trusted financial advisors who understand that will communicate and do what they need to do to get you, your financial portfolio, and themselves all on the same page.

In the end we have all had coaches, whether sports, education, business, life, etc.  The right Financial Advisor is no different.  The perception of what a Financial Advisor does is often clouded by what we see in the media, movies, etc.  What we tell our clients is that the majority of what we do is manage behavior, create good habits, and nudge plans along to the finish line to make sure you have a more confident financial future. 

So, if you have been considering working with someone, but are not sure where to start please let us know. We would be happy to have a conversation and see if we can take some of the complexities out of planning for your future.